2014 Review of National Quality Agenda completed

Change is in the air for OOSH services!

In 2014 there was a review of the National Quality Agenda and a DRIS (Decision Regulation Impact Statement) has been released (13/2/17) detailing variations to the National Quality Framework…. It also details changes specifically related to OOSH

In recognition of the challenges of regulation 74 Documenting of child assessments or evaluations for delivery of educational program, NSW will now have specific regulation tailored to better suit the needs of OOSH services…. The focus will be more around the development of the program rather than individual children’s development & wellbeing. In addition to this there will be guidance materials for authorised officers, which better recognises the context of OSHC services.

A revised National Quality Standard (NQS) that reduces the number of standards and elements from 18 standards to 15 and 58 to 40 elements. The streamlining will ensure a more overlap between elements and standards is removed. This will come into effect on 1st February 2018.

​The introduction of a national educator to child ratio of 1:15 for services providing education and care to school age children. Services will have a 12-month transitional period in NSW to comply with this…. Network does not see this as an issue due to the majority of OOSH services already complying with this staff/ratio.

The removal of the supervisors certificate requirement, which has now been in place for some time however, this will formalise the process. Approved Providers will continue to have the autonomy to decide who can be the responsible person within services.

Want more information?

  • To download your copy of theDecision Regulation Impact Statement (DRIS)
  • Further information is available on theACECQA website
  • ECED will be emailing information to all NSW approved providers and services.
  • In mid 2017 to assist with the roll out, the state regulatory authority will be holding forums for services
  • Network members will be receiving updates and information as it comes to hand