10 simple tips for keeping staff up to date with child protection

Use these tips to ensure your practices and knowledge is current.

  1. Team Meeting Agendas – Have Child Protection as an item on team meeting agenda – this encourages Educators to raise concerns, ask questions and allows for discussion.
  2. Mandatory Reporting Guide – Give new Educators time to look through the MRG
  3. Work through the MRG as a team
  4. Check the child story website regularly (childstorynet.au)
  5. Subscribe to child story updates
  6. Ensure all Educators have Child Protection Training & sign a CP code of conduct (sample available on the Network website)
  7. Become a child safe organisation go to kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au
  8. Create, review and update relevant CP polices (go to http://www.networkofcommunityactivities.org.au The child safe section of the website has lots of information
  9. Being aware of “Good Supervision” practices
  10. Creating a the right environment – allowing educators to ask questions or work through their concerns about anything to do with protecting children.